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This was a commission diptych the client asked for these colors, in resin with gold, movement, continuity, and SIZE! It’s so fun to partner with someone on the design to bring their ideas into creation, that’s the most fun a part of being an artist. We went large at 36” x 36” each on 2” deep wood panel. I love seeing her end results in such a well designed space, gorgeous crisp white and pops of color 😍😍😍😍 @msangelapacheco



Happy Friday friends, the birds are chirping, the stores are opening, the flowers are full bloom. I’m grateful for this time of rest ❤️❤️ but I wanted to see people. So I painted them, in happy but gentle colors for your home. They took on an upward movement as I painted, moving as one, connected and rising. I never have a plan when I start painting, it just flows out. I’ve mentioned payment plans, and those are still available if you are local. ——— “People Rising” Acrylic and gold leaf 20”’x 24” Framed 2” depth $650 Now on my Etsy store, link in bio, under the “available now” section



Today was my birthday. I forced my friends to do a #tiktok dance because I definitely will not be able to do this when I leave my 30’s. And because #quarantine. * My friends also made a surprise video, a compilation of love notes to me that tallied up to 16 minutes of me crying my face off and then rewatching all day. So yeah, this was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had despite not getting to hug on my people or gather all of them up in my kitchen for laughter, competition and booze. Rona can’t stop us, humans have been evolving around obstacles for centuries. ❤️❤️❤️ song: @dadimakesmusic



Moms should be celebrated every day for all they do and have done for so many years.... the sleepless baby nights... the discipline of school years...the hell of teenage hormones... and even at my age a single phone call gets my whole day back on track. Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom bomb (she’s the bomb) ❤️



Remember haircuts? Those were fun 😂 Just sayin hi 👋 my hair’s a lot longer than this now ❤️ also wanted to say a little (but with HUGE feels) thank you for supporting small business and the arts, who may be small, but we sure are mighty 💪🏼 PS Ask me about an installment plan if you are local. I want people to have the art they love, in the size they love and I hope this opens the door for that ❤️ * * * #art #shopsmall #shoplocal #smallbutmighty #artsy #artiste #artistsoninstagram #nashville #nashvilletn #etsynashville #resinartist #nashvillearts #nashvillestrong #smallbusinesslove #smallbusiness #hotelart #homeinspiration #homedecor #homedesignideas



The final piece in "Twelve in 12" series, which started when I was expanding my business in a new dream studio space and with an assistant, then continued on in a powerless quiet building after the tornado struck Nashville, and then finished during a worldwide pandemic when I am back to a solo business.  I almost immediately was compelled to paint... ~4 water pieces for calm (3 available) ~4 happy flowers (sold out) ~4 are all kinds of strength flowing in chaos (a tornado snuck in as well if you rotate one!) (3 available) ❤️They are now LIVE on my website, except for the 6 that sold pre-sale on instagram (including this first one) - swipe left to see the 6 pieces available now ❤️ ❤️ _______ 12" x 12" resin on wood in 1" gold floater frames, ready to hang $175 each * * * * #art #resin #resinpainting #nashvillestrong #wearenashville #smallbusiness #supportsmall #smallbutmighty #goldleaf #abstractpainting #fluidart #fluidpainting #pourpainting #eastnashville #homedecor #homeinspiration #oceanpainting #mirrorart



Swipe left to see the shine of the Resin, it’s so beautiful and hard to capture in photos. It requires an incredible amount of skill and training, you have to work quickly, and wear a respirator because the additives and torching causes it to off gas. In times of respiratory virus I find myself less excited to breathe all that in so I may be doing less resin this year, commission only, limited quantity.... all that to say, I’m really enjoying sharing them while I have them! ❤️❤️ comment with what you see, I love hearing interpretations! I Hope you are staying sane and moreso SANE out there! ____ 12” x 12” and 1” frame, resin on wood, #3 of fire and ice theme within the “Twelve in 12” series * * * * #art #resinpainting #nashvillestrong #artsy #painting #fluidart #pouringart #pourpainting #resinart #flowart #fluidartist #nashville #goldleaf #goldpainting #movementart #highgloss #



There’s an ethereal water feel to these last four, this one has a floaty feel. Or is it explosive? What do you think? _____ 12” x 12” resin on wood, framed, message to purchase pre-sale, on my Etsy store Monday the 13th. A bit of a delay getting these live but only 6 remain of the 12! I’m shipping or doing doorstep deliveries in #Nashville * * * * #resinpainting #artsy #nashvillestrong #art #NashvilleArtist #artistsoninstagram #FluidArt #PourPainting #2020art #artseries #goldpainting #waterpainting #etherealart #highgloss #sparkle