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Platter matters: Resin painting on a marble lazy Susan (poor Susan). This piece is heavy and food safe for all your cheese or cookie displaying needs! I love a centerpiece display where I can change out candles, flowers, vases and this is a great one! _________ 12” diameter. Today I’ll have the link in my stories and after that purchase listing is on my Etsy store, find the link in my Instagram bio, then search under “available now”.



“If you are not willing to be a fool, you can’t become a master” @jordan.b.peterson ______ When I first started using resin in my art, it wasn’t cute. It looked a bit like chaotic mud. But now I love the way the resin turns out, every, single, time.... it’s not Valentine’s yet, but it is in my studio! 👀 💕❤️ ******* (Coasters only for sale at shows, next up 2/13 Galentine’s event by @theperfectlittlelifemarket and 2/15 @germantownartcrawl)



Happy Friday! This piece and the prior pastel are now listed in my #etsyshop. I arrange my shop in sections! Find currently available works ready to ship under “available now”. The rest of my listings are paintings you can commission to paint just for you, prices are up to date unless you request your commission in a different size. I strongly believe in price transparency, which is a controversial move in the art world, but it just feels right to me. ❤️🥰💃🏻



This delightful client asked for a combination of pouring technique and the look of brush painting and tons of texture. She wanted movement and explosion like a prior work titled “Fire and Ice” and specifier her colors buy requested, a primary look of white. ______ I LOVE how it turned out, AND it helped me grow as an artist as I had never tried pouring with painting. You will definitely be seeing more of that! ______ “Chaos and Flow” at 36” x 48” mixed media (sold)



Pastels with a little weekend vibe. Yes, I used tiktok, gasp. I like the musical addition 🙃💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻🎼 be calm and technology on...



Friday mood on ✅ see this next Saturday @germantownartcrawl 6-9pm in my studio A13! Spring, can you come and bring your pastels? Kthanks ______ 12” x 12” acrylic and gold leaf on wood, plus gold frame, I made this one extra from my December commission special ❤️



Trade secret....last month I worked on a series of studies on the pouring technique without using resin. The movement in this piece was created by the vibrations in the back of my car on a 3 hour drive home from Thanksgiving. Can I call it “Back of my Ford Escape”? Kidding it’s truly beautiful and deserves a regal name “Good Vibes” 🦁 _______ 18” x 24” , sold



This beauty went to a true art collector who has about 9 of my pieces now over several years. It’s pretty cool to have people I respect along with the journey, observing the progress, investing in it. Art comes has that cool bonus that with every step that I raise the bar, I’m making my clients’ pieces more valuable. It’s a solo career in so many ways, but I like to think there’s more of a team pursuit with the appreciators, the collectors, and first time original art buyers, and even the haters (fine, fine we can call it constructive feedback, 😂). Happy Tuesday! _____ PS how amazing is this client’s photo, including this perfectly poised cat! 48” x 48” “Beginnings”