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Painting any form of water brings me a sense of calm in times of stress. These pieces are painted on mirrors. I started experimenting on mirrors for my own house actually, it’s a little design trick to bring more light into the room. Calming oceans, light, and the reflection of your lovely face...which I hope you are saying kind things to these days. Or at least checking your teeth before you answer the door 😂 ....also a handy mirror use ❤️ ______ “Twelve in 12” series at $175 each A series completed during Nashville’s 2020 tornado 2 mirror pieces and 2 more Ocean pieces coming up next. Message to purchase. - * * * * #Nashville #NashvillleArt #GoldLeaf #Goldleafart #EastNashville #WeAreNashville #NashvilleStrong#fluidart #artsy #resinpainting #art #fluidart #OceanArt #ResinArt #homedecor #stayathome #design #designinspiration #designinspo #homedecor



Des Fleurs #4, the final flower of the “Twelve in 12” series. I made this piece about a week after Nashville’s tornado when there was just an influx of love pouring into our city as volunteers crowded the streets to help pick up debris, and they had to start sending some home! Just wow. I was really feeling the love and connectedness as we turned the corner on the shock of the devastation, and it reminds me that we have a new (novel 😂) corner (corona) to turn.... and we will turn it, my friends ❤️ ______ There are 2 of the 4 of Des Fleurs remaining. I loved this one so much I made it in a 24” , and it has also found a new warm home for the quarantine. PS! I can hand make you another of any of my paintings if it has been claimed, same price for the commission. __________ (Update:sold) 12” x 12” resin on wood panel, framed in a 1” wide gold floater frame (thinner frame available on request). “Twelve in 12” series are $175 each ❤️



Des Fleurs #3 in my “Twelve in 12” series. I love how differently this one looks in the different lights. The blue really has so much depth. How about that for mirroring life? I don’t know about you but depending on the moment of the day, I see our current events in different lights. @fauxrizzle_resin is the blue pigment brand. * (Update: SOLD) 12” x 12” framed * * * #Resin #ResinPainting #Goldleaf #GoldArt #Flower #desfleurs #Nashville #EastNashville #WeArenashville #NashvilleStrong #NashvilleArtist #Artist #Artiste #artsy #pouringart #FluidArt #homedecor #stayhome



I refuse to let my light flicker around these because they are refined and playful and strong and serene. I noticed that I kept being drawn to floral or water compositions, two things that bring me joy when I’m stressed. The collection is called **Twelve in 12** and is twelve pieces on 12” x 12” wood panels with resin, framed in gold floater frame’s with a black interior that really pops the colors. There are 4 Ocean and 4 Des Fleurs (would I really be an artiste if I didn’t mix in my favorite français words) and 4 Fire & Ice...many of these were painted in a silent studio without power after Nashville’s tornado so they are very special to me. ____ One more note.... support your favorite small businesses right now. Many typically run at a margin that can’t support what’s happening and support can just mean sharing with friends or social media or a little comment or like. Sending my love to the world out there, globally connected, more than ever. ❤️❤️❤️ check out



Well there’s been some delays to this collection this year due to robberies, tornados, and pandemics, oh my. However, as every day gets stranger...the studio remains a place of peace, relief, grounding, and magic. And I feel like magic is needed now more than ever. The studio won’t be open for a while so I’m bringing everything home today to hang in my house. My walls have gotten really boring!!! so I’m forging ahead with these 12” x 12” pieces that I’ve been hinting at for a Special Release in my stories the past few weeks.



A devastating tornado hit #Nashville this week, but in a crisis, this city pulls together strangers and neighbors in the most beautiful way. This poster is from the flood in 2010 which is the first time I experienced the intense value system in Nashville of love, service, community, and some good ole southern pitch-in-and-get-your-hands-dirty (or wield a chainsaw if you will). There are plenty of photos of the devastation but here is the kindness circulating around on #nashvillestrong and #wearenashville _____ Myself and loved ones were spared, others not so much. Sending out as much love and healing as I can. Thank you for many sweet messages from my far away friends. Studio is closed until the power is back up.



Is there anything better than a random warm and sunny Sunday? 📷: just before a bit sloppy kiss * * * * #dogstagraming #sundayfeels #sloppykisses #muttsofinstagram #brotalks @brodietalks #nashvillelife



Fun fact, I used to collect rocks as a kid. The design in this piece reminds me of tiger eye🐅 👁 _______ It is two layers of #resin and I used gold ink and @fauxrizzle gold pigment for a multi metallic effect. 12” ready to hang flat as wall art or use it as a platter (food safe!). * * * * #Resin #ResinArt #PouringArt #Art #Nashville #NashvilleTennessee #GoldLeaf #GoldInk #GoldArt #GoldenBlack #IHaveThisThingForGold #Design #homedecor #finditstyleit #fluidart