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Artist Career

Weho Show
Wedgewood Houston Show, Nashville 2015

My art career started with sketches of the cartoon Speedy Gonzalez that I sold at recess. After an intense high school art study and a discouraging Art teacher, I chucked my art dreams and went Business School at University of North Carolina, (Go Heels!)

It took 10 years of office job security that finished at a major healthcare corporation for me to realize that the corporate career track wasn’t for me. I’d rather chase after risky-no-one-makes-it, non traditional, exciting life.  Challenge accepted!

I am self-taught, and following a plan of no-plan because something magical happens when you do so.

Why I Paint…

My first commissioned piece of art was for a painting of a marmot in the Vail, CO mountain landscape.  Without knowing the story, I knew that it represented a meaningful moment.  This piece was a real struggle – How could I make a marmot into a beautiful painting??   I was focused on my own ideals and fears of painting something that wasn’t “good enough.”

The painting forced the question – what is my bigger purpose for doing art?

When I finished, the receiver told me that the piece allowed him to connect  his highest, best state.  I learned the story behind the marmot and was so touched by how the painting represented this magical moment.

I realized that I both paint out of personal joy and also to serve others.  As I create beautiful pieces, I can elicit a beautiful and meaningful emotion from the viewer.  I hope to thank you for allowing me to do that for you : )

With gratitude,

Erin Elise Laughlin


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Marmot 30x40
My Marmot Friend…