Commission a custom painting for your space

Join me in the creative process!  I have made over 50 gorgeous commission paintings and had over 50 big grins!  Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, a gift for yourself in your personal space, or it’s beautiful painting in a lobby or office, your input makes YOU an artist as well!

The custom design process is easy, Nothing makes me happier than getting to know you in this process:

How It Works:

  1. If you KNOW what you want…all I need is the image and size to return your quote – Contact Me
  2. If you DON’T know exactly…I offer a free consult to learn about you and offer my design guidance with your input!
    • I will ask you questions about colors, mood, style, gold leaf or not, landscape or abstract, size.  There are many great options for wall design: series in a duo or trio, horizontal or vertical orientation, a gallery wall. We can look over some of my or other’s paintings, while I ask what you like about each. If you have a pinterest board, that can be helpful!
    • Contact Me to schedule.

Lastly – I send you a quote and a timeline.  Prices are aligned with what you see on my Store.  We can either do an artist’s contract with a partial payment, or you can pay in full up front.

Due to the nature of art, I’m unable to offer to a refund, however I have a 100% happy commission clients!  I do offer 1 minor revision per piece, but I have had never had a client need it!