Erin Elise Laughlin creates fine art and art tables with gold accents using both acrylic and resin mediums. Her work can be described as dramatic, expressive but also peaceful and flowing abstracts and abstract landscapes.  She offers commission work or you can see current works in her Germantown studio in Nashville, TN near downtown.

Artist Bio

Weho Show
My first real show:  Wedgewood Houston Art Crawl, Nashville 2015

My art career started with cartoon sketches of Speedy Gonzalez that I sold at recess. After encountering a discouraging

high school Art teacher, I chucked my art dreams for Business School at University of North Carolina.

It took 10 years in corporate world security for me to realize that the corporate career track wasn’t for me. I’d rather chase after a risky-starving-artist, non traditional, exciting life. I am self-taught, and following a plan of no-plan because something magical happens when you do.


Why I Paint…

My first commissioned piece of art was for a painting of a marmot in a mountain landscape. This piece was a real struggle – How could I make a marmot into a beautiful painting?!   I was focused on my own ideals for art and fears of painting something that wasn’t “good enough.”

When I finished, the receiver told me that the piece allowed him to connect his highest, best state.  I learned his story behind seeing this  marmot, which was a turning point in his life.

The experience taught me that I paint not only because it’s my passion, but also to serve others.  I hope to inspire people with my journey and to create meaningful connections for viewers in their lives with my art.


Marmot 30x40
My Marmot Friend…

With gratitude,

Erin Elise Laughlin

Email for inquiries: [email protected]

Etsy Store for purchasing:    www.erineliseartiste.etsy.com

Instagram:    @erinelise.artiste


Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/erineliseartiste/

News Story 2015


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