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Selected by The Sheraton Grand for One-of-a-Kind Resin Tables with a Top Floor View

I was beyond excited to collaborate with the team at the Sheraton Grand Hotel downtown Nashville in designing resin tables and a cityscape painting in the remodel of their top floor space. These commission art pieces are displayed in the VIP area of the Skye Lounge.

The painting is a combination of resin and hand-painted layers in 48″ x 48″ on wood. It depicts our beautiful of Nashville at night from above, capturing the energy and essence of the city in a way that only art can.

The Skye Lounge is a an iconic fixture on the Nashville skyline, known for its 360 degree views, and formerly a restaurant that spun. I was so grateful to be selected for the work, as someone who had dined in the spinning restaurant many years ago!

Interior Design Collaboration for Alta Union

I had big grins seeing two 48″ x 72″ diptych paintings installed at Alta Union in the Nations in Nashville, TN. I had an absolute blast working with Charlotte based design firm Vignette Interior Design to create a piece based on my Aerial Storm Collection but with a dash of earthy greens and peacock blues. They’re richly textured and then dusted with my signature gold leafing. The Aerial Storm Collection is one I have been working in for 6 years, and continues to bloom.

Nashville Design Week 2019 Program Host and Speaker

December 2018, I was in that end-of-the-year mood…considering my big dreams and life mission…am I still doing what I love and how can I do even more of it? I missed doing nonprofit work, so I set intentions for 2019 to inspire others with my creative story and to get back to event planning with a cause. I fully believe in enjoying how your dreams play out without having the “how?” figured out.

Fast forward to last summer when Nashville Design Week started taking applications for events. Nashville Design Week is a newly founded nonprofit who runs a full week of events, panels, workshops, studio tours, and oodles of inspiration for anyone in design and creative fields – what an amazing mission!  I had the idea to put together and speak on a panel with 5 creatives whom I greatly admired to talk about “Taking The Leap” …. making big risky moves to go after your passions. It couldn’t hurt to apply, right?! After all, I make a scary decisions to leave my successful healthcare job 5 years ago, and I want as many people as possible to know that they can too!

My speaking event was accepted for the night of the opening party! Nashville Design Week gave me the most amazing opportunity to hit all my buttons for non profit event work and inspiring other creatives and WOW! It was a total dream.

It didn’t come without hard work, major friend support, and…a big dose of confronting fears. As I considered speaking about facing fears….I also faced fears around putting together a great event, reaching out to speakers who were playing in a bigger sandbox, and speaking effectively myself. It turns out that facing fear is a muscle that needs continual flexing. I couldn’t be more thankful that people packed the room, that panelists I’d never met said YES to my wild hair idea, and that I found myself on a stool under a bright light thinking….this is it….it was imagined and now it’s here….

So I did a thing.  And it felt amazing.  And when days got busy, I kept asking myself…how can I enjoy this part?  What is my why?  And most importantly, am I taking care of myself.  And that’s what I want 2020 to be about. Inspiring others, health, challenge, courage, and sending out as much love to everyone I come across as I have, and enjoying every moment of that process.  Cheers to the infinite possibilities of a new decade #2020 

Nashville creatives, get this on your calendar for next year! Nashville Design Week

S+Kin Nash Spa 6 Foot Lighting Fixture

LOVED doing a commission with the brand new spa S+Kin Nash Co in the L & L marketplace in Nashville to create a 6 foot piece of art on wood that they had envisioned in their design of this gorgeous light fixture! Brilliant!

I used a method called Acrylic Pouring, and owner Katje designated the colors to match her space. The gold is gold ink and was both poured and then layered on after drying to add a dimensional, reflective effect

Penthouse in The 505 Condo: The Highest Art in Nashville!

The 505 is the tallest residential high rise in Tennessee.

That makes these pieces in the penthouse….the highest art in Nashville!

This piece below was on corporate lease for the main lobby, and is now available for purchase here

Functional Art over a TV…

Noelle Hotel Downtown Nashville

The Noelle Nashville Hotel is a historic Art Deco hotel in downtown Nashville in the famed Printer’s Alley. Noelle originally opened in 1929 as the Noel Hotel, designed in the classic revival style.  It was converted to an office building for many years, but in 2017, the hotel was restored with a designer focus. I was so excited to work with the design team to have this piece go into the lobby as part of the of Noelle Hotel in downtown Nashville!  

The original piece was a landscape orientation
Below I edited my signature out at the hotel installation and re-signed so the piece could hang in portrait orientation

Installation for the 2nd Avenue Art Wall 2018-2019

I have an announcement! I have a piece in a wonderful installation that went up in the 2nd Avenue Art Wall project in downtown Nashville. There were 8 artists selected to have their pieces printed on HUGE panels – some up to maybe 10 feet tall! I’m SO grateful to be included in the beautification of our city of Nashville, TN. The art will be up for a year near 2nd and Church!

You may recognize the piece, I wrote about it here

It’s so wild that not many years ago, I was working in a corporate job (at Asurion), wishing I was doing art, and AT&T was a client, and now I have a piece on their building! The Artists represented are Beth Inglish, Elise Kendrick, Cassidy Cole, Emily Leonard, Jade Carter, Catron Wallace, and Tess Erlenborn.

The project is sponsored by The Nashville Downtown Partnership, The Studio 208The District NashvilleMetro Arts: Nashville Office of Art & Culture, and AT&T and the FABULOUS Ashley Bergeron Segroves who has become the bridge between artists and the community.

Several of the awesome pics below by Jeron Bray