I OWN you Storm!

Sometimes you hit a stormy part of life.

Storms are wonderful little challenges.  They make you work for that sunny day.  They make you appreciate that sunny day.  They give you a little spice in life.

Best of all, when you come out of your storm, you are a warrior, a goddess, you OWNED that storm.  I OWN YOU STORM!

You come out with a storm badge.  That badge is like a secret weapon against the next storm, you are equipped with the know-how for the battle.  It’s the growth that makes your next storm more of a sprinkle.  And now you can handle a hurricane.

This little love was painted in a stormy time for me, and I just adore it.  It has been repainted here in a large 30″ x 40″ for a medical office in Colorado.

24″x 24″ Aerial Storm for purchase on Etsy

30″ x 40″ Aerial Storm for purchase on Etsy

Aerial Storm Repro 30x40