Is your career making enough of a difference in the world?

tony - meaning you give it

Today Marie Forleo put out a GREAT video on what it means to do meaningful work

There was a moment when I questioned if creative work like art made enough of a difference and contribution in the world?

When I worked in healthcare consulting, it was easy to see us we were helping people.  It felt like a no-brainer.

It’s a little more intangible as an artist.  Actually art sometimes feels selfish! Like play time!  I had to wonder – do I, as an artist, need to be making a social statement with every series?

The answer for me is like Marie says….maybe you are making a difference even if it isn’t by the masses.  If even one viewer who gets the feels, is inspired, shifts their mood, transports to a memory…I know the work is worth it…

I love Marie Forleo – she is a total goof, but she pulls off being sexy and sassy and then busting business balls…

Check out what she says

12 Ways To Make Work Meaningful — No Matter What You Do