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Great Smoky Mountains Park, my heart!


Last week on Nov 23rd, a fire started  in the Smoky Mountains at the north peak of Chimney Top and spread to 17,000 acres and Gatlinburg area.  The fire is believed to be a result of human activity – spurred on by an exceptional drought and high winds.  14 people have lost lives so far, and 1,700 structured damaged.

As a kid, we spent a lot of family trips in the Smoky Mountains in cabins.  My dad kept us actively pursuing the outdoors, which I can appreciate as an adult.

Hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail is on my bucket list.  I feel so lucky to live close enough to the mountains to spend a weekend connecting with my source through nature and clearing my head.

I’ll be sending help through Friends of the Smokies who is taking donations for fire relief efforts – click here if you’d like to also

Last year, I found a gorgeous Smokies photo on Pinterest, and painted it’s likeness (Original photographer unknown).  I hope the painting sparks a fire in your heart to donate.

Cheers to you Great Smokies – 36″ x 48″

Original has sold, but I have prints available in any custom size Here

img_1459 img_1445

I caught my mutt Brodie having a pouty moment of you-don’t-pay-attention-to-me….


Print of the original painting



Hand Painted Prints

It’s Christmas time!  I have been thinking, what am I going to get all my friends?

I LOVE making and getting handmade gifts.  But that can be pretty time intensive, and still fairly costly.

Enter: Art Prints, with hand painted elements!


Something gold, something new…

I’m not a big print person myself.  I prefer something a little more handmade looking SO, I am hand painting these prints with my favorite gold leaf method. YUMMMMM

Hand painted liquid gold leaf DIY!

Instead of printing on smooth, glossy paper you see for most prints, I went with a textured watercolor quality paper.  It’s thick, and tactile, and still uses the Giclee quality print method!

Check out the texture, and hand painted gingko leaves!


Find prints for sale on my Etsy Store Print Section or message me about printing ones that aren’t listed

Prints are on trend right now in DIY “Gallery Walls”…you can find it all over Pinterest!

Tips for Hanging Wall Art from Apartment Apothecary

GORGEOUS Gold frame tossed into the mix from Centsational Girl who has awesome interior design and DIY’s!  Her pinterest is a follow-must

Too girly?  Try this more masculine touch from a modern farmhouse look from Home Polish