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Ginkgo Leaves or Butterfly Wings…

Sometimes all it takes to unlock an entirely new style is a new tool – It’s like that 2 degree change you make in your golf swing that makes all the difference…

I bring to you – the fan brush – Oh yesssss, I’m a fan of you Mr. fan brush…

Mr. Fan Brush

Dipping the paint super thick, I used the brush like a stamp….and my first thought was – ginkgo leaves!

Ginkgo Leaves

But Maybe …. Butterflies?  Or maybe they are just an abstract burst of energy from the exploding light within….oh yeah, take that…

This piece started out with one goal – simplicity within the lines of my current series colors.  Then it transformed, and it OWNS the canvas, can I just say.  In a late night, with the addition of a little wine, I got bold and decided to attempt to ~lightly~ brush some gold leaf into the center.  I say BOLDLY because gold leaf doesn’t just feather onto a canvas.  It is opaque, heavy, statement-making medium.  But by some stroke of wine-infused talent, it went on beautifully just so lightly that you only see it reflected as you walk past!!!

30″ x 40″ Original Acrylic and Gold Leaf Painting

SOLD to an Oncology Clinic in Memphis – but available for a hand painted original like reproduction – Purchase Page Here   or as a gold leaf embellished print in the print section!

*reproductions are really cool – they are still one of a kind, but if you loved the original, you will love the one I paint for you just as much if not more.  And you can choose your size/shape. I have had many thrilled reproduction customers : )